Apr 21, 2014

Kuasa Menulis Cerita Kanak-kanak

Minggu ini mengulangkaji isi daripada buku 'The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children'.

Kata Nancy Lamb, penulis buku ini pada awal buku,

"It is a privilege to write books. And it is especially a privilege to write books for children. Don't let anyone ever tell you that writing for children is a lesser art."

Itu prinsip pertama menulis buku cerita kanak-kanak.

Yakin dan percaya menulis buku cerita kanak-kanak adalah satu penghormatan tertinggi. :)

Kata Nancy Lamb lagi,

"When you write a book for a child, you give him or her words - you give a voice to the voiceless. You open new worlds, introduce new ways of thinking and lift that child closer to the light. This is the power and purpose of story. And this is the gift that the storyteller can give."

Itulah kuasa sebuah cerita kanak-kanak.

Waida Yusof,
21 April 2014

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